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The New Option In Pet Aftercare Services

Veterinary services require a unique combination of specialized knowledge and compassionate post-treatment support. However, traditional cremation services often offer limited options, leaving veterinarians and pet owners feeling constrained in their ability to provide personalized care.

Improved Customer support

Enhancing Aftercare Services for Pets

Angel Paws USA is revolutionizing the field of pet aftercare by offering a range of choices and personalized options. Our primary goal is to cater to the emotional needs of pet owners while streamlining the process for veterinarians.

Empowering Pet Owners

At our clinic, we have developed a groundbreaking approach to enhance the aftercare experience for pets. Our goal is to empower pet owners and ensure overall satisfaction. The aftercare journey begins when clients scan a QR code, either at our clinic or from the comfort of their homes.

User-Friendly App

Through our user-friendly app, clients have the freedom to choose their preferred aftercare package and select additional memorial items. They can also provide specific details about their pet and themselves. Once clients have finalized their choices, they receive a unique pet tracking ID and a comprehensive order summary.

Streamlined Process

The order summary is then sent to your clinic for verification. After your endorsement and the completion of billing, Angel Paws USA is promptly notified to begin the aftercare services.

Customizable Memorial Items

Our platform offers a wide range of customizable memorial items, allowing you to provide a diverse selection of personalized products at competitive prices. This not only helps increase revenue but also ensures the delivery of exceptional service.

Improved Customer Support Solutions

To enhance our customer service, we have established a specialized section where your customers can easily monitor their pet's status. They can engage with our intelligent chatbot, which can also initiate support tickets for further assistance. This enhancement significantly reduces the time your team spends on fielding questions about a pet's whereabouts. It allows you to focus more on delivering top-notch veterinary services instead of tracking logistics.

24/7 Support24/7 Pet Loss Support Service

Losing a pet can be overwhelming and distressing for owners, especially when it happens at home after discharge. Our app streamlines the procedure for your clients to arrange for the retrieval of their deceased pet. Upon request, Angel Paws will be expedited to the client’s premises on your behalf, guaranteeing arrival within 1 to 3 hours of the call. This service not only enhances the level of care you offer but also increases your clinic's profitability by providing solace from the moment a pet departs your clinic until their final journey.