Pet Cremation Services

Providing A Better AfterCare & Funeral Services To South Florida

At Angel Paws USA, We Know The Profound impact your pet has on your life. They are family, confidants, and companions who share our joys and comfort us in sorrow. Saying goodbye is a difficult decision, filled with memories of their presence. We offer support with empathy, understanding, and respect. AngelPaws helps you through these moments, providing a caring environment for your beloved companion's final journey. Our services are meticulously designed for a loving and respectful farewell, upholding high standards to honor your pet's memory. We go beyond state regulations to reflect the depth of your bond. AngelPaws is a guiding light in tough times, promising to offer comfort, guidance, and solutions. We believe the love shared with our pets is eternal. We find comfort in the hope of reuniting one day. AngelPaws is here to honor their memory and celebrate their impact on our lives. Together, we draw strength from the enduring love that connects us to our beloved pets.

Providing Exceptional Private & Communal Cremation Options

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Pet Cremation Services

24/7 Pet Remomval

Looking For Compassionate And Affordable Animal Cremation Services In Broward Or Miami-Dade? Angel Paws USA Provides 24/7 Pet Removal With Multiple Cremation Packages To Choose from. The Bronze, Silver, or Gold Packages For Private Pet Cremation, or Simple And Simple Plus For Communal Pet Cremation. Each Option Allows For a Personal Tribute to Honor Your Beloved Pet.

Beside Our Transparent Pricing We Also Offer a Pet Tracking ID Ror Real-Time tracking. Angel Paws ensures no hidden fees, offering peace of mind in this difficult time.

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Pet Euthanasia Service

In Broward & Miami-Dade counties, access our round-the-clock At-Home Pet Euthanasia Service for compassionate end-of-life care.

Our dedicated veterinarians offer peaceful pet passing at your residence. Trust Angel Paws USA for dignified in-home pet euthanasia services. As pet guardians, we may hesitate to confront the inevitable day when our beloved pets bid farewell. Nevertheless, it is crucial to acknowledge and prepare for this reality. In-home pet euthanasia services provide a tranquil and compassionate option for pet guardians wishing to say goodbye to their furry companions in the comfort of their own home.

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Pet Burial Services

Angel Paws USA deliver compassionate and customized tributes for your beloved companion.

Our comprehensive services encompass professional casketing, transportation, personalized stones, and pet burial vaults designed according to your pet's weight. Discover tranquil pet cemetery selections and locate nearby resting spots for your pet's eternal peace. Rely on our empathetic and skilled team for exceptional pet burial and funeral solutions.

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Pet Autpsy Services

Experience peace of mind with our dedicated team of veterinary pathologists, offering comprehensive insights into your pet's health through our meticulous Animal Autopsy services.

We ensure safe transportation and utilize state-of-the-art facilities, approaching each phase with the utmost care. Expect timely responses with an initial pet necropsy report within 3-4 business days and a detailed report within 7-10 business days, all at a competitive rate. Our commitment extends beyond pet necropsy costs to provide assistance, recognizing the importance of this process for pet owners. Find solace through Angel Paws USA Pet Autopsy Services.

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Introducing the Angel Paws USA Partners Program:

A Comprehensive Aftercare Solution for Veterinary Practices.

During the sensitive moments surrounding the loss of a beloved pet, collaboration and exceptional customer care are paramount. Our user-friendly single-application form streamlines the aftercare process, providing a variety of memorial items and packages for pet owners to select from. Additionally, our 24/7 removal service ensures prompt pick-up, offering support to clients and upholding the continuity of care. With flexible billing options and enhanced client support, we provide pet loss support groups and resources for individuals navigating grief and bereavement. Partnering with us empowers veterinary practices to deliver compassionate and expert aftercare services.


Innovative Financing for Compassionate Aftercare

Proudly standing as the first CareCredit-approved provider for pet aftercare, Angel Paws USA offers an unparalleled commitment to supporting you through this tender journey. Recognizing the emotional and financial challenges that come with saying goodbye, we provide exclusive 0% financing options . This initiative ensures that every family has access to dignified aftercare services, alleviating financial pressure and allowing you to honor your pet's memory without compromise. Discover more about our financing solutions tailored for these precious moments.

Care Credit Application Link For Angel Paws USA Customers First company approved for after care services


Testimonials - Insights from Our Valued Clients

It is hard enough when your pet crosses over the rainbow bridge.
The staff of Angel Paws are very caring, giving and compassionate for your loss!
Very good service, they identify with your pain, when they went to look for my dog ​​they picked her up as if she were asleep and they didn't want to wake her up, they are very careful.
(Translated by Google)
They are excellent, I recommend them 💯
Son excelentes, los recomiendo 💯
Called Angel Paws referred by a vet as my dog passed away peacefully at home.
Not only was Manny accommodating, he was very compassionate about my situation.
They were here on time and showed the best care when my baby was removed.
It was a smooth process and I know confidently, this company is not a scam or spam and I would recommend them to anyone in need of their services.
Price was very reasonable.
Thank you for everything!
I have had 3 of my fur babies cross over the rainbow bridge. Angel Paws USA took care of all my needs when they passed away.The empathy and compassion that was showed to each of my pets was beyond what I expected. It felt like they were family that was also experiencing our loss.
I will forever be grateful for everything Angel Paws USA did for me and my family. All the employees were great, but I want give a special thanks to Manny he has always extremely helpful and has gone above and beyond for us.
We never know when it's going to happen, but you know when it's time to say goodbye. This was a very difficult day, and the AngelPaws vets and personnel were all very compassionate. They explained the procedure and gave us time with our big guy before and after. The paperwork and payment was handled digitally, which was convenient. They hand-delivered our boy's ashes back to us. Very special calling, indeed. Thank you, angel paws.I would not only recommend them, but I will keep them in mind for the future.There's nothing like the love of a pet.
I highly recommend Angel Paws to anyone who has to make the difficult decision to have their animal euthanized. My 14 year old chow had begun having difficulties and started to show signs of he no longer had quality of life. I knew it was time, I called 3 different companies that had been recommended to me and they were the only ones that called me back. Their professionalism and compassion from start to finish has been amazing . It made a difficult time much easier for my dog and my husband and I. My baby passed on without stress or pain. Thank you Angel Paws for taking such good care of my baby 💙.
I lost my beloved wild duck Henry and was so devastated. After realizing I I couldn't bury him on the property. I simply could not just throw him out like trash and felt he deserved better. He was the soul reason I fell in love with the wild ducks after moving down south 2 years ago. I started looking into cremation and called many places. I received a call back from Manny, and he was just so lovely and compassionate. Angel Paws USA was very reasonable and they also threw in quite a few keepsakes. I will certainly be using them again with my own pets, however I pray it’s not for a long time down the road. I highly recommend them.
I can’t say nothing but good things about Angel Paws and Manny.
From the first time we had to find services for our first pup in 2022 and the ones that followed, it’s been nothing but a good experience with them through a difficult time. They have been nothing but kind and helpful. ,br>It’s nice to have a familiar face when our pups have been picked up cause we know they are in good hands until they are back home.
Thank you again so much for all that you do and in taking care of our dogs. We will always have the comfort and familiarity in using Angel paws for any of our pets.