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Angel Paws USA: Unique Pet Urns to Honor Your Beloved Pets

Discover Angel Paws USA's exclusive range of wooden, ceramic, and brass pet urns. Our meticulous craftsmanship and custom laser engraving turn simple urns into distinctive memorials, perfectly encapsulating your pet's spirit. Honor your cherished companion's memory with our innovative, elegant, and timeless urn.

Welcome to Angel Paws USA - Introducing the Brass PAWS Collection of Pet Urns

Honor your cherished companion's memory with the Brass PAWS Pet Urns from Angel Paws USA. Exemplifying dignity and love, these meticulously crafted urns serve as a sophisticated homage to your loyal friend. Each urn is adorned with tender paw print motifs, symbolizing the indelible marks left on your heart. The unique color schemes of our collection capture the individuality of your pet, making these urns not just receptacles for ashes but heartfelt memorials. Embrace the beauty and comfort these pet ashes urns provide, ensuring your beloved pet's spirit is treasured forever.

Sizes Available:

  • Small: Ideal for pets weighing 0-30 lbs
  • Medium: Perfect for pets weighing 30-70 lbs
  • Large: Designed for pets weighing 70-120 lbs

Color Options:

The Brass PAWS Pet Urns are available in four elegant and breathtaking colors, carefully chosen to reflect the grace and reverence you hold for your pet.

PAWS Brass Magical Teal Pet Urn

  • Cherish your pet's memory with the PAWS Brass Magical Teal Pet Urn. This elegant, lacquer-finished urn adorned with golden paws provides a dignified sanctuary for pet ashes, customizable for a personal touch.

PAWS Brass Royal Blue Pet Urn

  • Cherish your pet's legacy with the PAWS Brass Royal Blue Pet Urn, a regal resting place encased in silver paw prints. Personalize this lustrous tribute to keep their memory close forever. Perfect for honoring your loyal friend.

PAWS Brass Ruby Red Pet Urn

  • Cherish your pet's memory with the PAWS Brass Red Ruby Pet Urn, a symbol of eternal love. This rich, ruby-red urn features golden paw prints, offering a dignified resting place for your cherished companion. Add a personal touch with custom engraving, creating a timeless tribute.

PAWS Brass Purple Pet Urn

  • Cherish your beloved pet's memory with the exquisite PAWS Brass Purple Pet Urn, beautifully adorned with silver paw prints. This elegant, polished lacquer urn provides a dignified resting place for your furry friend, ensuring their legacy is preserved with love. Perfect for holding treasured blue ash and pet ashes, it's not just an urn—it's a heartfelt tribute.


At Angel Paws USA, we specialize in an exclusive range of wooden urns for pets that surpass the usual offerings. Our expertise in custom laser engraving turns simple wooden urns into remarkable memorials, perfectly encapsulating your pet's spirit. Unique Personalization: Crafting Distinctive Memorials Our detailed engraving process adorns each urn with customized designs, poignant messages, and treasured images. This results in a distinctive memorial that truly represents the individuality of your pet. We are dedicated to crafting a symbol of love that pays homage to the bond you and your pet cherished.

Discover the Ideal Urn: An Enduring Homage to Your Pet

Allow Angel Paws USA to assist you in selecting the ideal urn that honors the singular essence of your cherished companion, ensuring an enduring homage to their unique personality and the legacy they leave behind.

Honoring the Legacy of Our Beloved Pets

For many of us, pets are cherished family members whose memories we hold dear even after they've passed. Honoring their legacy is an emotional process, and finding the perfect way to remember them is essential for our grief journey.

Innovative, Elegant, and Magical Ceramic Urns for Pets

Introducing our new ceramic urns for pets, meticulously crafted with care, attention to detail, and creative ingenuity. These exquisite works of art capture the essence of our pets' spirits - dignified, pure, and full of love. The blend of traditional ceramic techniques and contemporary design makes these urns timeless and modern. Reflecting Your Pet's Unique Personality

Whether you prefer a classic or ornate design, we have an urn that reflects your pet's unique personality. These urns can be displayed prominently or quietly alongside cherished photographs, serving as a gentle reminder of the joy your pet brought into your life.

Choosing an elegant ceramic urn celebrates your pet's life and keeps their memory alive. These urns symbolize the eternal love we have for our pets, cradling their spirit within graceful curves and soothing textures.
Remember your beloved pet with our innovative, elegant, and magical ceramic urns.

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